Oakville Texas,
Live Oak County

Family Estate property, located on the Nueces River in Oakville, Texas. The Family has owned the 1000
acre property since the mid 1800's. Many arrowheads, fossils and old 1800 work tools have been found
on the property by the family.

This was taken at Will's Camp May 2005. Beautiful white-hue Spherical soul-form. Photo taken by Patrice.

This was taken at Will's Camp were we have recorded several evp's and taken several photo's with spirit
activity in them. The camps on the property are named after members of the family. This is Patrice
standing in the background with four bright beautiful white-hue Spherical soul-forms.
Photo taken by Sabrina.

This photo was also taken at Will's Camp on the Estate Property. Patrice left, Sabrina right in photo. One
Spherical soul-form to the right of the "Y" on the tree trunk, and one to the left of Patrice over the
grassy area. Photo taken by Paul.

Photo taken along the bank of the Nueces River. You can see 3 faces to the left and midway up in the
photo. I have cropped one in color and one B&W. Photo taken by Sabrina.

Will's Camp. In this photo is a male-spirits face between the two trees close to the ground. Zoomed in
on the second photo. Photo taken by Patrice.

This photo was taken on the northern side of the Estate Property.
Spherical soul-form in motion. Photo taken by Patrice.

There was alot of flooding at the ranch, so Darrell and Tom went to check on some equipment at one
of the camp sites. Once they got half way back on the property it was so flooded they had to swim across
Center Creek to get to the camp site. Tom took this photo as Darrell is going across Center Creek, and on
the left of this photo you can see an image of a little boy-spirit with brown hair and
looks like he is smiling.

Patrice and Michael target practicing at "Will's Camp." This looks to be of a female-spirit (in black square
above photo) sitting up against a tree. At first, I thought it was just tree trunks that had fallen and
laying on the ground in odd positions, but the more we looked at this photo we think it is a
female-spirit sitting on the ground. Second photo, zoomed on for better viewing.
Photo taken by Sabrina.

Will's Camp. Beautiful Orange-hue Spherical soul-form on left. On the right side of the photo there is a
facial image of an Indian-Spirit. The second photo....zoomed in on the Indian-Spirit.
Photo has been enhanced for better detail. Photo taken by Sabrina.