Ghost Hunting in the Coastal Bend

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CORPUS CHRISTI - Halloween is this Sunday, when the ghosts and goblins come out, but a group of people fascinated with the paranormal are devoted to investigating spirits in the Coastal Bend year-round.

It's 9:30 PM, on a night of a rare lunar eclipse. Members of South Texas Paranormal and Corpus Christi Paranormal gather at Heritage Park. They believe the place is haunted, and they're out to find ghosts.

"I think they're attached to the land, in the home that they once lived in prior, and they haunt it," said Sabrina Roper. She has been investigating spirits for more than 20 years. This mission is a follow-up investigation. Just a few weeks ago the group says they came across an apparition.

"And I'm standing like right around here, and I think he's right there on that corner," said Roper. Members of South Texas and Corpus Christi Paranormal said there is no doubt in their mind right here in this area, just outside this picket fence, standing right here, was an apparition. They caught it on camera. The man is believed to be from the 1920's or 1930's. You be the judge. Roper said while you may not actually see an apparition in person, the camera does. She spends hours analyzing the pictures.

"I think it's a gift, you know to be able to actually be able to communicate with that side." So with all that fancy equipment, what do they find on their investigations? Roper says those things flying around in this old Corpus Christi building are orbs, or spirit energy.

Whether you buy into this or not, Roper is convinced the dead can send messages. She's recorded an EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon at an old cemetery in San Patricio.

Is it real? Spirit believers say, Yes. They'll continue their fascinating hobby, Halloween or not trying to convince the skeptics that ghosts are real.

If you're interested in learning about more places around the coastal bend that 'could' be haunted... Both Corpus Christi Paranormal and South Texas Paranormal have web sites with plenty of pictures.

Online Reporter: Aaron Drawhorn
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