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Haunted Texas

  • Austin, Texas » Driscol Hotel
    There are many legends surrounding this hotel. In one, a young girl fell down the stairs to hear death. It is said that occasionally, children's laughter may be heard coming from the bottom of the stairs. In another story, a woman became depressed when her fiancee called off the wedding and thus hanged herself. The woman has allegedly been spotted wearing a wedding dress in several areas of the hotel. In the final story, it is said that a man spent many years of his life living in the hotel. He can now be seen smoking cigars throughout the building.

  • Austin, Texas » Governor’s Mansion
    It is said that an adolescent nephew of Texas governor Pendleton Murrah committed suicide in one the mansion’s bedrooms after his proposal was refused. After strange sounds continued to come from the bedroom, the governor had the room sealed. The room stayed seal for over forty years before being reopened. Guests now report hearing the sound of a young boy’s heartbreak. It is also rumored that Sam Houston also haunts the house.

  • Austin, Texas » Metz Elementary School
    When this school was demolished in 1990 there were numerous reports of strange occurrences. It is said the bulldozers would stop working just as they reached the century old building. Constantly, workers fell from ladders and tools disappeared. Workers also began reporting children’s writings on the blackboards and ghosts in the restrooms. Things got so bad that an exorcism was performed. Shortly afterwards, a wall inexplicably fell and killed a worker. Today there are still reports of restless child-ghosts at the site.

  • Belle Plains, Texas » Belle Plains Cemetery
    This cemetery seems to be shrouded in mystery. One legend says that young man and woman were madly in love. The girl’s father, however, did not wish for the two to be together and swore that he would kill the boy if he ever saw the couple together again. Needless to say, the boy was killed. So bereaved was the girl that she went to her lover’s grave and hanged herself. It is said that if one happens to go to the cemetery during the late night, a young boy who vanishes within himself may be seen. The loud shrill cry of a girl is also allegedly heard. There have also been reports of creatures comparable to Bigfoot in this cemetery. It is said that in the rear portion of the cemetery is an Indian burial ground and these beasts are its guardians. They are reported to be around eight feet tall, and the size of two athletically built men. It is also rumored that they are white with green glowing eyes. Like coyotes, but many octaves deeper, the beasts are said to be heard howling at the moon during the hours of the early morning.

  • Brownsville, Texas » Mexican Ghost
    A ghost of a man who fought and died in the Mexican War is supposedly seen here at times. There have been articles about the ghost in Reader’s Digest and the local newspaper.

  • Bryan, Texas » 3602 Hawks St.
    The ghost responsible for abusing residence of this home has been described as having searing red eyes. Some residents of the home have been pulled off of their beds, body slammed, locked in the bathroom and even thrown under the bed. Lights in the house are said to turn on and off, objects move, and many have seen ghostly images.

  • Colony, Texas » Crider Road House
    This three story mansion, which burned down at the beginning of 1999, was without ownership for ninety-nine years. Allegedly, a serial killer murdered over 10,000 men and women in this home. Many reported hearing screams and seeing flashing lights and ghosts when driving down Crider Road. The house was so scary that it was never searched; it never will be.

  • Coppell, Texas » Cemetery
    In this cemetery, one particularly devilish worshipper of Satan is buried. His headstone, located is the corner of the cemetery is said to be haunted. People attempting to take pictures of it have reported their film being distorted upon development. If one attempts to take pictures anywhere else in the cemetery, however, the pictures come out perfectly.

  • Corpus Christi, Texas » U.S.S. Lexington (aka The Blue Ghost)
    The retired US Naval vessel USS Lexington is most famous for the ghost of the engine room operator who was killed in battle. He has never harmed anyone and only makes his presence known when tourists enter the engine room, he gives guided tours of the room. Sometimes he becomes impatient, however, and slams doors and turns off lights.

  • Dallas, Texas » The Burning Bus
    Here, all that remains in the shell of a burned bus. It is said that years ago a group of children was on the way to school on this dark, lovely, dirt road when the bus suddenly burst into flames. The children and their driver all perished in the blaze because no one was around for many miles to hear the screams. It is said now that if one travels down the road at night, the children’s screams will be heard loud and clear.

  • Edgewood, Texas » The Lady of the Lake (a.k.a. The White Rock Lady)
    Soon after this lake was built in the 1920s, a girl was on her way home when she decided to cross the spillway to save time. Halfway across, she slipped and consequently drowned. Nowadays, it is said that she hitchhikes in the area. After riding in the car for a while, she vanishes leaving a wet spot.

  • Galveston, Texas » University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)
    It is said that the property where the now Maurice Ewing Hall Building sits at University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) was once owned by a fisherman. The university wanted the property, but the man would not sale. Finally after he died, his daughter sold the property to UTMB. On the dockside of the Maurice Ewing Hall Building his face is on the wall of the building. The walls have been sand-blown and painted and yet his face is still appears on the wall of the building.

  • Houston, Texas » The Julie Ideson Building
    In this former public library which is adjacent to the new one, Mr. Cramer used to roam the premises during his days as a janitor in the early 1900s. He would spend his leisure time strolling about the halls playing melodies on his violin, and playing with his dog. In 1936, he died alone in his room, which lies in the basement. Employees report that eerie strands of violin music are heard throughout the halls, usually on dreary, cloudy days. Mr. Cramer has also been spotted in one of his favorite haunts during his mortal life–the history room.

  • Houston, Texas » The Spaghetti Warehouse
    This restaurant used to house furs and allegedly many murders occurred here as well. Many of the waiters who work at this establishment refuse to venture upstairs due to all the paranormal activity that takes place there.

  • San Antonio, Texas » The Alamo
    When Mexican soldiers were ordered to return to the mission after it was completely destroyed, they were met by a ghostly figure standing atop the mission brandishing a ball of fire. Terrified, the Mexican soldiers retreated. The ghost appeared again when a commander went to get the job done, and he too fled in fear.
    The spirits of the defenders of this famous fort are said to roam the grounds frequently.

  • San Antonio, Texas » The Menger Hotel
    This hotel is supposedly the most haunted in the San Antonio metropolitan area. The first of many ghosts is a maid, who was murdered many years ago, and now wanders the upper hallways. Another ghost is that of lady, who is said to have died of a broken heart. Many have reported seeing her in one of the upper rooms of the hotel. The ghost of former President Teddy Roosevelt, who frequented the bar to recruit soldiers for his “Rough Riders” has also been seen.

  • San Antonio, Texas » Railroad Tracks
    While on the way home, a bus full of first and second graders broke down while driving across these railroad tracks. Rather than going to look for help, the driver told the children to get off the bus and push it across the tracks; they were struck down by a train. Now it is said that if one drives to the site and puts the car in neutral, it will be pushed over the tracks. Allegedly if one spreads baby powder on the back of the car before going to the site, he will see fingerprints when he leaves.

  • San Antonio, Texas » The Spanish Governor’s Mansion
    When this building was renovated, the skeleton of a woman was found. Apparently, the woman had been raped and killed by a mob of Spanish soldiers. Since the discovery of the skeleton the woman’s spirit has been said to haunt the premises.

  • San Antonio, Texas » Mission San Jose
    While constructing the stonework on this mission, a stonemason fell madly in love with the maid of the building. The woman fell ill, however, and soon died. In her honor, a rose window was built and the stonemason constructed an elaborate memorial to surround it. The maid is now sometimes seen in the window.

  • Kenefick, Texas, » Dayton Lake Estates
    Built in 1960 by a couple, this three story home is said to be rather strange. After catching her husband in the act with a neighbor, the wife murdered her husband and his mistress, the house was never completed. Though it is located on a riverbank that floods every year, the home has never sustained any water damage. It is said that if one goes to the room where the murders took place, his breathing will become labored. The stained glass windows of the home are also said to glow after midnight.

  • Ponder, Texas » Train Tracks
    The country roads of Ponder are extremely dark at night. Many years ago, a woman distraught about the upcoming birth of her child, decided to walk down the tracks. On these tracks, she and her unborn child perished. It is said that every Halloween, one can hear the screams as the young woman loses her life.

  • Saratoga, Texas » Saratoga Light/Bragg Road (aka Ghost Road)
    The "Light of Saratoga" is a legend located in the Big Thicket of Southeast Texas. This legend of a mysterious light is also known as the "Ghost Road" of Saratoga, the "Saratoga Light", and "Bragg Road Ghost Light" by local residents. Located on a dirt road, it is a light that may appear and disappear at random during the dark of night without explanation. The strange light is often described as changing from yellow to white, and sometimes appearing red as it may approach the observer. Some witnesses have observed that the light will sway back-and-forth, as if someone were carrying a lantern and walking. Another common attribute given to the strange light is its unpredictable nature. Some eyewitnesses have attempted to follow or approach the light with no success. However, there are some that claim that the light has actually followed or entered their vehicle while traveling the dirt road at night. The most popular story surrounding this legend is that a railroad worker was decapitated in a railway accident, and the light is that of his lantern as his ghost searches endlessly for his head.

  • Shafter, Texas » Adobe House
    Locals say that long ago a young woman and her daughter lived in the house. After marrying a soldier in Poncho Villas Army, the woman and her daughter were frequently abused. On particular night, the inebriated man began to beat the woman to death. As she was knocking at deaths door, her daughter came into the room. The soldier, then grabbed the child and threw her into a wall, breaking her back. Enraged, the young woman gathered enough strength to shoot the man in his face. As he fell, an oil lamp collapsed, setting the woman ablaze. Engulfed in flames, the woman went into the next room and held her daughter until they both died. It is said that if one goes to the house on cloudy nights, lays face down, and says “Mama” three times, the smell of burning flesh will arrive. Burned footprints will also appear in the floor.

  • Ghostly Lights » Waxahatchie, Texas
    This quaint restaurant, famous for its pickles, is said to be frequented by three separate apparitions. There are two females and one farmer. Workers have reported seeing ghostly lights throughout the building. They have also alleged many of the tools in the kitchen moving and performing by themselves. In the restaurant, there is also a book for guests to record their observations.

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