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UTMB, "The Face" Galveston, Texas

The ghostly story of "The Face" is of a man who once owned the property where the UTMB Ewing Building is located. UTMB offered to buy the property from this man, he refused and also told his family never to sell the property or he would come back and haunt them. After his death, his daughter sold the property to UTMB. UTMB built the Ewing Hall Building on the dockside of the University, the old owners face (AKA) “The Face” appeared on the dockside of the Ewing Hall Building. According to legend, "The Face" first appeared on the 4th floor panel of the building. The 4th floor panel of the building was then sand blasted and painted over. "The Face" then appeared on the 3rd floor panel just below it. This panel was subsequently sand blasted causing "The Face" to move to the 2nd floor panel of the building to which it resides on to this day. UTMB eventually gave up trying to remove "The Face" and is now a permanent edition to Ewing Hall. People have died trying to see this - it's not worth your life - don't risk it! It is State property and access is restricted - you can be arrested.

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