E.V.P's Electronic Voice Phenomenon

The titles of these E.V.P's, are only what we think the spirits are saying or what it sounds like to us when we play them back.
So turn your volume up & listen closley! To hear EVPs more clearly, add more treble then bass to your speakers!


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*** Undisclosed Haunted Building, Corpus Christi, Texas ***

Undisclosed Haunted Building in Corpus Christi, Texas. One of the most haunted places STPS has ever investigated. On our first investigation in this building, Sabrina asked the spirits if they would tell us their names, when two spirits talk at the sametime saying their name..."Tommy and Rowenia"

Sabrina ask the spirits if there's a Rowenia here when a spirit says:..."Yes Ma'am"

In this evp you will hear a spirit say..."God Help Me"

In this evp you will hear a spirit say..."Don't Hurt Me"

This sounds like this spirit is saying..."I Want To Help Her"

One of the spirits in the building says..."Kill...or, Kill Me???"

*** Corpus Christi, Texas ***

Old Nueces County Courthouse. Gloria recorded a little girl-spirit voice, a female-spirits voice and a male-spirits sigh in one of the Courtrooms on the second floor. "Mommy Do You Love Me"

Patrice and Sabrina in the downtown area of Corpus Christi, Texas taking photos on Peoples Street when we recorded a spirit saying "I Love You"

Patrice and Sabrina in the car on their way to do some Christmas shopping. Sabrina is telling Patrice how bad of a back seat driver she and to just tell her to shut up....when a female-spirit says "Sabrina, Shut-Up Man I'm Driving Ok"

H. C. Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Coprus Christi, Texas. Dating back to the early 1800's. This spirit seems to be laughing at me or at something. She also says something right after she laughs, a wicked laugh at that.... "Laugh"

*** Old Cemetery on the Hill, San Patricio, Texas ***

Round Lake located in San Patricio, Texas. Patrice and Sabrina are driving out to Round Lake located in San Patricio, Texas. Patrice asked Sabrina if they should stop and take some pictures when a male-spirit by the name of "Billy" says "Yeah We Take Pictures Here"

Just a little after the above evp, Patrice is talking about how huge a tree is when a female-spirit say while Patrice is talking saying "Oh Hellacious"

Patrice and Sabrina in the San Patricio, Texas driving down an old farm road. We were talking about the cows in the pastors as we drove down the road, we recorded a spirit saying "Holy Cow"

Driving down FM 666 into San Patricio, Texas, Patrice turned the recorder on in the van. Here is a male-spirit saying "Kill Me"

This evp was recorded also while we were heading out to San Pat on FM 666. This little girl-spirit saying "Mommy"

Once we arrived at "Old Cemetery on the Hill" in San Patricio, as we were walking out of the cemetery a male-spirit says "HoHoHoHo..Get My Keys Out Ya'll"

We stopped at the Old San Patricio County Court House on the way out of town, when a male-spirit says "Help." We think this is the same spirit that said "Kill Me" when we were on our way out to San Pat on FM 666, "Help"

Patrice and Sabrina were on their way down road FM 666 to The Old Cemetery on the Hill. They recorded in the car on the way there. You will hear Sabrina talking about having to find the dirt road to the cemetery. Right after, you will hear a spirit in the car saying "Woooo, Eeeeeee, We're So Scared"

Patrice and Sabrina were talking about the dogs that were chasing us in the car down the fence line of the road on the way to the cemetery. This spirit tell us "Don't Go In That Cemetery, Your Never...Gona Get Ya'll"

Patrice and Sabrina are now going down the dirt road that leads into the cemetery. When Sabrina notice several turkeys in a field off to their right and tells Patrice to look at the turkeys. The same spirit (as above 2 evp) saying "Oh Wow"

The locus are loud in this evp's. Here's another spirit, also while Patrice and Sabrina are loading up equipment saying "Come On Guys.....""

*** Oakville, Texas ***

E.V.P's recorded at an Estate Property on the Nueces River in Live Oak County. Property has been owned by the family since the mid 1800's. Many arrowheads and old 1800 work tools have been found on this property.

Taping after an afternoon nap at around 3:00 p.m. in the tent and asking the spirits if they would please talk with me. This sounds to be a female-spirit,and is hard to understand what she is saying. We think she may be saying "Cattle Burner"

Here again we are walking thru the woods and I am worried about coming across a snake. This spirit is talking about the damn snakes. We can only understand part of what he is saying "Damn Snakes, There's Gotta Be....????"

This is when we were at Will's camp site walking around taking photo's. We recorded a spirit that is either saying "Help Me" or "Happy"

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