Founded in 1997, South Texas Paranormal Society is based in Corpus Christi, Texas.
S.T.P.S. is Dedicated to the Research, Investigation and Documentation of Paranormal Phenomenon.
We never charge a fee for our services and respect complete confidentiality.

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Find A Grave

UTMB, "The Face",
Galveston, Texas

Nueces County Courthouse
Corpus Christi, Texas
With EVP

Big Wood & Antioch Cemetery Edgerly, Louisiana

Burleson County, Texas

St. Louis I Cemetery New Orleans, Louisiana

LaLaurie House
French Quarter's
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Saratoga Light, Bragg Road,
Saratoga, Texas

Beaumont, Texas Hauntings

1875 Historical Home,
San Patricio, Texas, w/Videos

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Welcome to South Texas Paranormal Society

South Texas Paranormal Society is a team of Paranormal Investigators that network with fellow paranormal investigators all over the United States in an effort to expand knowledge, share resources, and bring respect and unity to the paranormal field. STPS approaches each case open mindedly and certain criteria must be met before labeling a location as haunted. We never use Ouija Boards or conduct Seances.

We never charge for any paranormal investigations, consultation or support for our clients'. STPS provides our clients' with a nondisclosure agreement to ensure strict confidence and to protect the clients' anonymity. If you are experiencing unexplainable occurrences feel free to contact us, we can help. If you reside outside of the state of Texas, we can refer you to a reputable paranormal investigative team in your area.


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Live Oak County
Cemetery, Texas

Artesian Park
Corpus Christi, Texas

Hurst Family Estate, Oklahoma

Family Estate Property,
Oakville, Texas

Old Cemetery on the Hill,
San Patricio, Texas

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